Monday, 7 April 2008

Tex Avery and a bit of Bob Clampet

After watching a slew of Tex Avery cartoons, including Northwest Hounded Police above, and a Tex Avery documentary, I have come to a few conclusions about Tex.

1. Tex Avery doesn't really care to much for the characters, as long as it is funny.
2. His characters hardly ever stay on model, to squash and stretch into incredibel distorted versions of themselves.
3. His jokes come at a rapid fire pace.
4. He plays with film conventions, talking to the audience etc
5. His is prone to exaggeartion in films and wild takes.

Watching this has given me the freedom to pursue any silly idea that pops into my head.

I also watched Bob Clampet a lot, as he is like Tex, but even wackier. These Bugs Bunny drawings are from the cartoon "The Big Snooze". Look how pillable Bugs Bunny is.
A Documentary about Tex Avery

Henpecked Hoboes

Northwesthounded Police

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