Wednesday, 9 April 2008

New Characters and Rough Story Ideas

About now in the project I got a bit worried that I was putting all my eggs in one basket, i.e. banking all my ideas on one pair of characters. So I decided to randomly doodle some ideas down. From this page below I really like the three legged alien.
These again are just some rough ideas for gags.

This is me riffing and bit on the alien. He wasn't quite there yet.
Again more random doodling.

I had recently seen the movie Surfs Up (I recommend this film) and I like the character of Chicken Joe. The kind of guy who takes life in his stride and nothing fazes him. I tried to get that into the alien.
A baboon in drag.
These two are roughly based on Frasier and Niles from Frasier. I thought it would be funny to have two really posh, refined characters doing really childish disgusting things.

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