Friday, 11 April 2008

Sony Research and Concept

Masaru Ibuka, the co-founder of Sony in 1945. The company's motto is "Sony. Like no other".

After a while thinking about the product it came to my mind what this product really represents is Sony itself. It represents both Sony's past and Sony's future. You only receive the card if you have been a loyal Sony customer and it shows you future Sony products. I pitched this concept to Al and he like it. We want to remind the audience in the advert why they like a trust Sony so much and to get them excited of where the future of Sony might take them.

Unfortunately, Sony is a company of many hats, Bravia, Discman, Vaio, Playstation etc and so doesn't have a core brand identity. I thought if we looked back into Sony's past we remind the audience where Sony came from and use that to for tell where Sony is going.
Sony used to create products like this

This could be done in a straightforward documentary like style informing the viewer of Sony's history or it could be done in another way. I discovered in 1956, Sony released the TR-6 transistor radio. To show Americans the Japanese products were good, the contracted a character created by Fuyuhiko Okabe, called Atchan. In America, he was called Sony Boy and he starred in commercials for a variety of products in the sixties. He hasn't been seen in years.

I propose we bring back Sony Boy to entertainingly tie the advert with Sony's roots.

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