Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Current Situation

Hi, well the situation here is a bit stressful. As I had stated previously, if you are not one of the ten chosen by Mike to have their ideas put forward to Nickelodeon, you have to do this advert for one of the product design students. Not only have we not seen the products, but I can't pick either. We have to contact the students that designed the products. All the products are luxury items, like Jaguar ice cube makers, letter opener pens, fancy soap, expensive junk really. That means until the day we pitch to Mike, I have to work on two different projects at the same time. Ahhhhh! So I have partnered with Al, if we are successful with Mike, we will separate, but if not we will do the advert together. We have contacted all of the product design students to explain what their products are.

Here is a rough production schedule of what I know so far.

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