Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Rough Storyboards

Here are some rough story ideas that I have had and drawn in some rough panels. This first one is based on the real reason why when the sign says don't step on the grass, you really shouldn't step on the grass.

This is inspired by the cartoon Roller coaster Rabbit. Also it's about the little guy facade being shattered.

I like this one, it's simple and Tex Avery-ish.
This one is Only Fools and Horses all the way. I am a bit afraid that not much happens in it though.
This is possibly my favourite as it features all three characters and is quite random.
This one is just silly. It's quite quiet though.
I don't really know about this one. He explodes, reforms, laughs and does it again.

This on I liked but some people think it is a bit too gross. I just liked the idea of these very refined characters picking each other's noses.
The idea here was that the two characters are that these two are auditioning for new Nickelodeon cartoon characters. Unfortunately, they come dressed up as previous NickToon stars.
This one works quite well. The idea here is that they have hijacked your T.V because the audience has put on rubbish television programmes.

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