Monday, 7 April 2008

The Little Guy- Earliest Designs

Here are some drawings of the character currently known as the Little Guy. Originally, I designed this character around Christmastime last year as an idea for my final third year film. I decided to use him now as I thought he fit. Actually, if you look back at
you can see the original designs and how it had altered to this point. Originally in the design, I thought it would be funny to have a character with no legs, hands or eyes. For a while it seemed to work, however it did put restrictions on the poses and expressions he could make. To make him more Tex Avery like, and because the lack of eyes creep some people out, I decided to add eyes, hands and legs in. These are some experiments to see how that would work.

I wanted to get that cocky Delboy, could charm anyone attitude into him, so I thought about given him Delboy's hat. Most of these poses are mimicking Del.

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