Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Sony Boy Character Designs and Sony Ad Ideas

Here are some rough character designs based on Sony Boy. I got the design from those Sony Boy toy pictures I posted in a previous entry.
Facial Expressions for Sony Boy.

One Idea I had to show Sony had grown up since then was to turn Sony Boy into Sony Man. This was a hard challenge, to aged a character. This initial drawing is to bulky though.
This is more like the end result.
Here are some initial ideas I had for the advert. I will have to go over them with Al. We have to pitch on Monday 21st anyway, so we have to pull this together quickly. This first idea is that Sony Boy has placed a whole lot of old Sony products in a cooking pot and allows to to mature in a cupboard to perfection, revealing the product.

This was just a idea I had to turn the product into kind of a fairy god-mother type character. I don't think this one will go very far.

This one I like but I think it maybe a bit too long. Starting in black and white, Sony Boy is rummaging through the Sony attic, full of old Sony products. Seeing a glowing purple light coming from the device, Sony Boy goes over to look. A swirling purple vortex comes out of the device and sucks him in. Sony Boy swirls in the vortex, passing Sony products old and new and clips from previous Sony adverts. The swirling vortex disappears into the device, leaving the camera to fade the device away.

This one shows Sony offices and the main office of the founder of Sony, Masura Ibuka. Sony Boy jumps out of a picture on the wall to look at a secret envelope which turns out to in case the product. He activates the product and turns into Sony Man.

I will have to pitch these to Al and work on them for Monday. With that and the Nickelodeon pitches to Mike next week, there is just too much pitching.

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