Saturday, 31 May 2008

Conclusion and Reflection

Now it comes to the end.

On reflection I am pleased with how the project came about. The idea was a quirky way to represent the history and culture of Sony. The sketchy style is quite nice and I am quite proud of myself with the animation of Sony Boy. Originally the point of the advert was to remind the viewer about Sony's history and get them excited about the future. I believe our little advert has done just that. The products are recognisable and a clear timeline can be seen. The climax of the advert with the computer animated Sony Boy really gets you excited about what the future possibilities of Sony are.

I believe that it stands up as an advert. Sure it could use a bit more polish, the animation could be inked and coloured in better, a decent score could be composed, it could have been edited better and the CG Sony Boy model could have looked and moved better, but overall I think it stands as an entertaining advert that could easily stand up with such adverts as the Honda ads.

Overall, I think that we did a good job.

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