Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Coloured Tests

Just an update. Al has been very busy and says he has nearly finished the Sony Boy model. I hope that I can see it soon. After scanning the pictures into photoshop, I applied a threshold and altered the Brightness and Contrast to darkened the outlines and get rid of the lighter lines. Some construction lines re-main and it gives it a sketchy 101 Dalmatians look. After that I exported the scenes out as filmstrips via aftereffects, took them back into photoshop and coloured each frame in individually. That was so tiring and frustrating. I have done three scenes already and have only two scenes to go. The coloured filmstrips were then taken back into aftereffects, turned in tiff sequences, and then taken into premiere and exported out as avi files. I am hopefully gonna get all the scenes done by Friday so I can help Al with the computer animating of Sony Boy and the models.

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