Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Current Progress

Okay, the situation at the moment is that Al has nearly finished modelling Sony Boy, only the back of the head is missing. The actual Product, now called the Sony, has been textured and rendered along with the PlayStation and the TR55. Al textured the PlayStation. The Sony and the PlayStation have been com posited into the animations in aftereffects and it looks good. It looks exactly like the Oscar Mayer wiener ad. Dan says the animations were really good and to not change them a bit, which I was really chuffed about. The TR55 needs to be done tomorrow. Al says he is going to texture the Television and the Walkman so I can do them tomorrow also. If Al can get all his work done we should have the ad done for Friday.

Jared suggested to solve our confusion problem, by just having the name of the product come up. That way it doesn't mess up the timing, we already figured out.

Well, all engines go!!!

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