Saturday, 31 May 2008

Back Tracking

I will be doing a little bit of backtracking in this post as it has been quite busy and I haven't been able to post recently. Currently the project is completed. Al came in at 11:00, I parented the product to Sony Boy's hand and rendered it out. We then submitted it on time. I am a bit worried about epilepsy. There are some broadcasting codes that state that a shot can't be under 7 seconds long and if your advert contains shots under seven seconds long it won't be broadcasted. There is also the dates that might prove a problem.

Our production schedule is up to date and now I just have to finish this blog.

Okay, back to the past. I ended up mostly texturing the products myself, since Al was busy with other things. I had to learn how to UV texture, which was difficult. I then rendered of the shots and took them into aftereffects. Previous to this I also edited and altered the pencil Sony Boy animation in Premiere and saved them out as AVI files.

The products had to be rescaled when they entered aftereffects but that was the least of my worries. Since some of the Sony Boy animation was slowed down in Premiere the animation of the products no longer matched up with the animation of Sony Boy. I therefore had to reanimate the products again in aftereffects.

The most difficult shots was the opening shot and the Television shot as the product had to go behind Sony Boy. I had to place a mask on the product and mask out the areas that were behind Sony Boy. It took a while but the results as you can see are below.

I also searched for some free copyright free music. You have no idea how difficult that was. Luckily I found a website called and I found the sort of fifties lounge music I was looking for called Floor Sample.


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